▶️Add Button Actions

Follow the steps below to add a simple navigation button action. You can also add more complex button actions including Add Row, Update Row, Send Email, Call Phone and Open Link.

2. Double click on a button to open the "Develop" tab.

3. Click on the + sign to add Action Details

4. Update Action 1 to "On tap", "Navigate to" --> the correct screen (Welcome Screen in this case)

5. Add a second Action by clicking the + sign

6. You can choose from a number of Actions in the dropdown. This time, choose "On Tap", "Add row" --> to the correct Table from the dropdown (Seasons Table in this case)

7. Click on Add Field to update specific Columns in the Table

8. Update each Column of the Table by choosing an input field from the dropdown or choosing "Custom" to type in any input

9. Click on the X to remove Columns

10. Click on Preview to test that your new Button Actions work as expected.

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