💻Create an AI Chatbot

Design a fully customizable AI chatbot that can be easily shared

Get Started Building Your Chatbot

1. In your browser, go to alta.so/ai-chatbot. Log in with your Alta account

2. The first step is to customize your chatbot. Under "Chatbot Name", change the name of your chatbot

3. Change the icon, icon color, and background of the chatbot to the desired color

4. Add in a welcome message to your chatbot

5. Add in an initial chatbot command and click on "Next Step"

6. The next step is to add data to your chatbot. To add a PDF, click on "Upload PDF". To access Google Docs, click on "Import From Google". To copy and paste text, click on "Start From Scratch"

7. Add in a suggested question and click the arrows to generate an answer. If you wish to have the question displayed, click on the box next to "Suggested Question"

8. Repeat the same process for the next two questions and click on Next Step

9. If you have a paid plan, add in your API Key to get access to GPT-4. Otherwise, click Next Step

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