Import Airtable into Alta

Follow the steps below to add and sync your Airtable into Alta.

2. Click on Data

3. Click on Import Airtable

4. Log in to Airtable and visit the API Key Page

5. Create an API Key if you do not have one. Copy the API Key in the input field

6. Go back to Alta and paste in your API Key

7. Go to the Airtable you would like to import into Alta and copy the website link at the top of the page

8. Paste the website link into the Table URL input field

9. Give your data table a name such as "Seasons"

10. Click on Import to finish adding your Airtable!

11. To update your data, visit Airtable and update a grid cell (such as changing "Fall" to "Autumn")

12. Go back to Alta's Data table and Click on "Sync Data" on the top right hand corner to ensure your data is synced between Alta and Airtable.

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