🖌️Create an App Template

Design a multi-screen template for your app

Get Started Building Your App

1. From your browser, go to beta.alta.so/remix. Type in a name for your app

2. Choose a category for your app

3. Add a target customer for your app

4. Click on Build My App

5. Click on Customize Style

6. Choose a template for your app and click next

7. Choose a color scheme for your app and click next

8. Choose a font for your app and click next

9. Choose an icon from the listed options or click on the + to search for your own icon.

10. Click on the square next to Icon Color to chance the color of the icon.

11. Click on the square next to background to change the background color of the icon.

12. Click on "text" to edit the text shown on your screen. Click on Remix Test

13. Choose an AI-generated text from the list or type in your own into the white box

14. Click on images to edit the image shown on the screen

15. Enter in an image description to get AI generated recommendations

16. Choose an image from the options or click remix image if you wish to generate other images

17. Click on each of the other screens on the left to customize them

18. Once you have customized all of your screens, click on Save App Template on the right

19. Click on See Next Steps

20. Click on Get Started to further enhance your app or click Copy Link to save and share your app

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