Integrate your AI Chatbot with Slack and Zapier

Follow these steps to successfully sync Slack and Zapier to your chatbot

1. Open the "Define Buttons and Questions" tab.

2. Turn on the "Enable Chat with Human" option

3. Select "Slack" under the Chat Platform tab.

4. Click on "Connect to Slack" and connect to your Slack Workspace.

5. Click on the checkbox to enable "Export User Email"

6. Select "Zapier" under the "Send User Email To" dropdown

7. Now, go to and create an account if you don't have one. Then, log in and click "+ Create Zap" on the sidebar.

8. In your new Zap, click on "Trigger".

9. Select "Webhooks by Zapier" in the search list or in the bottom righthand corner of the Built-in tools.

10. In the Webhooks by Zapier tab, select "Catch Hook" as the event in the dropdown.

11. The "Test" tab should open automatically, otherwise you can click on it to open it. Within the "Test" tab, copy your webhook URL.

12. Return to your chatbot and paste your webhook URL into the "Source" box. Now your AI chatbot should be connected to Zapier! Test it out to make sure it works as expected.