Integrate with Stripe in Alta

Follow these steps to successfully sync Stripe into your Alta web

  1. From your workspace, Click on Data

  1. Click on Add New Table

  1. Click on Stripe

  1. In a new tab. go to your stripe account. In the top right, make sure it is in test mode.

  1. Click on Products at the Top and click on your plan in the dashboard

  1. Click on developers in the top right hand corner.

  1. Click on API keys

  1. Copy your publishable and secret keys and paste them back into Alta. Click sync once both keys are in.

  1. Click on your newly created stripe table

  1. Add in a image for your product

  1. Once the stripe test table has been added, click on Build

  1. Scroll down to find the checkout page and click sync. This will automatically create 3 new pages: A Cart Page, A Payment Page, and A Confirmation Page

  1. Navigate to Your Cart Confirm Page. Click on the Go to Cart button and click on Actions

  1. Change the Navigate to Action to "Cart"

  1. Click on the Product Page

  1. Click on Actions and change the Data from to "Stripe-Test"

  1. Add in a label and select your plan next to Preview with.

  1. Click on the image and change the data source to "Passed in Row".

  1. Navigate to your Browse page and click on Actions.

  1. Change the data from "label" to Stripe-Test.

  1. Add in information about the product under Stripe-Test.

  1. Under "Rows passed to Product Listing", select "Grid Item.

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